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The IRS Levied My Bank Account:

When the IRS sends out a levy notice, the clock is ticking - you have just 21 days to fix this problem. Often, these levies are wrong - but that's not the IRS's problem, it's yours! If you do not take action, the bank is required by law to freeze your account and send your money to the IRS. Imagine...all your money, just gone! When that happens, you could find yourself unable to make your mortgage payments, unable to pay your utilities and other bills, making a bad problem even worse.

If you act now, we can almost surely help.

If you receive a levy notice, contact us immediately and we will take immediate action to protect you. In most cases, we will be able to secure a 90-day postponement of the levy.

With the postponement in place, you'll breathe easier. And we'll have time to examine your case and begin to negotiate with the IRS to agree upon a better way to settle your tax debt.

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